About Us – We are military families

Amateur snapshot of the front door of the home of one of our team

Most of our therapists and office team are part of a military family.  Our spouses, our sons and daughters, some are veterans, others are currently serving. A previous therapist was actively in the Guard.

We write to our soldiers, sailors, Marines, Coastguardsmen,  guardians, airmen while they are away. Or writing to our trainees and recruits while they are in Basic working to earn those titles. 


The photos you see on this site are chiefly our own photos. We could have done professional photos found on the web, but these amateur snapshots are from us.

The therapist background is only one part. Our therapists have education and training specifically in the areas facing military families. These therapists have experience working with veterans, those in uniform, and their families.

Our office is experienced in working with Tricare and the special handling that can go along with it. Sometimes we have worked with veterans groups that assist with payment of therapy.