Maria Blahut

Are your children displaying challenges with emotions, relating to others or adjusting to their school environment? I primarily work with children and teens with an emphasis on Autism, development delays, ADHD and anxiety and the impact on daily functioning and fully enjoying life. I’ve also seen how important a sense of security and belonging is for optimal growth and development. Unfortunately, difficulty regulating emotions, impulsive behaviors and other mental health concerns, can negatively affect the way we interact with others, causing difficulties in building those relationships we need to thrive.

I help with sensory issues, meltdowns, aggression, shutting down, self-esteem, difficulty making friends and family stress. I use a variety of methods including sand tray, ABA and play therapy that work with the whole child as they work on managing difficult emotions, tolerating stressful situations, decreasing sensory overload, and improving social skills.

As your child learns to better understand and regulate their physical urges, their emotional messages and their mental narrative and how those patterns negatively impact their daily life, they can become empowered to make necessary changes. In this way I believe we can transform even our greatest challenges into our superpower.